Chiller/freezer rooms

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chiller/freezer rooms

chiller/freezer rooms
chiller/freezer rooms

All rooms are white chromadek panels with polyurethane inner,drain and light. Optional extras are stainless steel swing doors,checker plate floor,plastic curtains and meat rails. Prices are installation included in DURBAN ONLY any other areas will be quoted.

Chiller / Cold Room : CR24/1.2. 2400x1200x2400. 2.88 M/Square

Freezer Room : CR24/1.2 Freezer Room. 2400x1200x2400. 2.88 M/Square

Chiller / Cold Room : CR24/1.8. 2400x1800x2400. 4.32 M/Square

Freezer Room : CR24/1.8 Freezer Room. 2400x1800x2400. 4.32 M/Square

Chiller / Cold Room CR24/24. 2400x2400x2400.5.76 M/Square

Freezer Room CR24/24 Freezer Room. 2400x2400x2400.5.76 M/Square

Chiller / Cold Room CR24/30. 2400x3000x2400. 7.2 M/Square

Freezer Room CR24/30 Freezer Room. 2400x3000x2400. 7.2 M/Square

Chill / Cold Room CR24/35. 2400x3500x2400. 8.4 M/Square

Freezer Room CR24/35 Freezer Room. 2400x3500x2400. 8.4 M

Please contact for prices 0861777078 / 0722315060