Ice 40 Ice Block Maker

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Iceblock Maker – R137 000.00 incl vat


SPECIFICATION: Cabinet: Fitted with Circulation Pump and Expansion Valve. Ice produced in 28 stainless steel inserts. Supplies with initial charge of Glycol and 500 bags Refrigeration Unit: Standard: Type-Semi-hermetic- 380V (15 A) Optional: Type-Hermetic- 220 V (22 A Isolator required). Refrigerant: R 22 Cooling medium: Propylene-Glycol Size of Blocks: 600 X 180 X 145 mm Total weight of Iceblock-Maker: 650 KG Cabinet, Refrigeration Unit, 220 Litre Propylene Glycol and electric Board Guarantee: ONE YEAR on all moveable parts and electric components.